Watch Drugged Girl Mika Fucked As She Sleeps

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See Pieter play with sexy girl Mika as she sleeps while drugged, not knowing he already rubs her clit and masturbates on her sweet drugged teen body. He rubs his cock between her perky tits and then fucks her moist cunt while spanking her ass, spitting on her face and doing even more naughty things to her. We have plenty of full-sized high quality movies featuring women being drugged and fucked for your watching pleasure, so go check them out right now!

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Angelica Anal Fucking While Sleeping

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Its fun as hell to play with sleeping girls. Even quite shy and bashful women are not able to resist when they fall asleep after you secretly slip a couple of pills in their drinks. Imagine yourself exploring her warm breathing body and grabbing these round tits as your other hand goes down to cup her slippery wet pussy before sticking your finger in. She is all yours now and your boner is going to explode many times violating her tight holes, stretching them wide and doing things you could only dream about before.

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Sleeping Felicia Pussy Creampie

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So your passion says she’s not ready for sex till your marriage? Old saying states that patience is a virtue, but this is not always right when you want to see what you’re going to get at exchange of your freedom to fuck other women. A pill or two may help to make a special sleeping potion to send shy girlfriend into a deep sleep for the night. You can learn more about her body and in far greater detail. You can easily strip her panties and bra; as well as finger her sweet pussy before nailing it down with your rock hard cock. You can do what you want because she wouldn’t know! Go watch our naughty drugged sex pictures and movies right now and see how other sly guys violated their sleeping girl.

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See Sleeping Girl Michelle Having Her Drugged Pussy Assaulted

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It’s been a couple months since Michelle turned 18. She is a slender blonde with sexy curves, well-shaped ass and round boobs about 34’ in size. But worst of all she refused sex with her boyfriend till marriage.
Being impatient with her refusing any kind of penetration, Michael decided to fuck her while she was sleeping before exams. He slipped his special love pill in her coffee as she was reading her books and said he’s out to buy some food in nearby market.

It wasn’t long before she began to yawn and went to the bed to take a nap. Michael waited outside long enough for his sleeping mixture to take an effect, and came back having a massive hardon. He was quick at undressing his sleeping passion and began to caress her ripe breasts, sliding two fingers into her slippery wet pussy. He then spanked her ass for a while, rubbing those firm meaty buttocks and fingered her tight asshole. This sleeping bitch turned into a perfect fuck doll, as she wasn’t able to resist things Michael had in his dirty mind.

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Watch him stretch and violate both her pussy and ass, slap her face with his hard cock, fuck this cute sleeping girl in every imaginable position as well as doing even more kinky things with her!
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She Wont Know Tina Galleries

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Carl had been dating Tina for a few months. Tina was a “good girl,” and didn’t want to have sex until they had known each other longer. Well, Carl isn’t a very patient fellow, so he invited Tina out for ice cream and when she went to the bathroom, gave her ice cream an extra special topping… one that made her so tired, she didn’t hesitate when Carl offered to drive her back home to rest. She was so drugged up that she passed out by the time they reached her house. Willing or not, he had his way. Her cunt was tight, her ass was tighter, her mouth wet… Carl fucked her until he had his fill, and she was full of cum…

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Sleeping College Girl Olivia Violation Galleries

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Frank had a sleeping fetish for years. Fucking sleeping teen girls from their college had been his hobby for a while. His new victim Olivia surprisingly wasn’t a virgin, once Frank invited her for a cup of coffee with a secret addition on top of it. She quickly became tired and asked him to drive her home, not knowing he already decided to violate and fuck her. Noticing her slowly passing out on the back seat of his car, Frank’s cock nearly jumped out of his pants.

Once at home, Frank didn’t waste much time before slowly undressing and exploring this drugged teen girl. Her shaved pussy gave him a naughty smile when he spread her legs wide. The looks and smell turned him on so much he began to eagerly eat her wet slit, while rubbing on her clit. Her mind was drugged but her body responded very well and Frank appreciated that, polishing her pussy with his long shaft. Watch this drugged girl have her pussy squirt as she is fucked raw while sleeping.

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See Galleries Of Drugged Girl Lanny Having Her Pussy Fucked

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Lanny thought she was picked by a cool guy at the party, so funny and sweet he was. She has been drinking with him the whole evening and became really lush. The last drink had a small surprise mixed with it however, so Rob decided it was the time to take her home and fill her cock hunger with his throbbing treasure. After all she drank so much and he paid for it all, so it was the only fair for her to pay him back by drinking his cum in the bed.
Once Lanny passed out, Rob spread her legs on the sofa and rammed her dripping narrow cunt in furious strokes till his sweaty cock blasted a huge load of cream all over her perky tits. He then rubbed his cock on this dumb sleeping bitch face and came again, sealing the lips of his victim with a mark of the predator. This is one extremely kinky sleeping fuck movie so be sure to view the pictures and sign up to see the full version today.